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Some drinkers describe the flavor to be like beef jerky or even leather.

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Paulaner is intrinsically woven into the fabric of Oktoberfest.

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Oktoberfest is a German festival dating from 1810, and Oktoberfestbiers are the beers that have been served at the festival since 1818, and are supplied by 6 breweries: Spaten, Lowenbrau, Augustiner, Hofbrau, Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr.

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Brewing Marzen and Oktoberfest Beer Recipes

Some sources note the extremely close relationship between Marzen.

I f you think about Germany, a thing many people will think about is the Oktoberfest festival.

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There is nothing better then being able to have craft beer on tap right on your countertop.

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The brewery has made a recent tradition of collaborating with German brewers on Oktoberfest beers, this year tapping Brauhaus Miltenberger for the honor.

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Book now cheap and the best hotels in Munich near Oktoberfest Beer Festival held in 2019 from Saturday 21 September to Sunday 6 October.The beers that keep showing up as most searched and highest rated this year are the Ayinger Oktoberfest and Great Lakes Oktoberfest.What are the differences between the Oktoberfest beers in our assortment.

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A hearty Prost! to the beers of Oktoberfest

This week we take a look at the traditional Marzen and Oktoberfest beer recipes and how to brew them at home.

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It is no normal beer festival insomuch as your ticket gives you total freedom to enjoy all the best breweries and beers under one festival roof.

When the marching drums start, everyone stands, claps their hands and sings along—then chugs.

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Guide to German Oompah song and Polka downloads to get ready for Oktoberfest.

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A staple of German beer halls and Oktoberfest tents, this short ditty falls into a quick crescendo.

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